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Favorite Pretty One Piece Swimsuit (#SS 2019)

One Piece Swimsuit Modest
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Favorite Pretty One Piece Swimsuit (#SS 2019)

You could face quite a bit of confusion and indecision if you are planning to choose your favorite pretty one piece swimsuit.

With so many designs, colors and fabrics being available out there, making the right choice often becomes a tough and difficult task.
However, there is no doubt that one piece swimsuits are considered to be more elegant and they provide more coverage area. Hence, if you are lounging by the pool, there are reasons to believe that this could be one of the best options.
There are a few who also find monokinis convenient and fashionable. They are not actually two piece swimsuits but they look like one because the bottom and top pieces are connected with the help of laces, thin straps amongst other things.
They could be almost similar to bikinis but they have an extra fabric on the front. They can suit those who are bold and would like to expose their bodies. Hence, it would always be safer to spend time and choose quality pretty one piece swimsuit.

Here are a few tips which we are sure will help us to make the right choice from amongst the many options available.     

Be Aware Of The Body Type

Your one piece swimsuit will suit well on your body if you keep in mind your body type. So, you have to decide whether you have pear body, apple body, inverted triangle, hourglass body, and rectangle body amongst others.     

Treat These One Piece Swimsuits As An Investment

Many women buy swimsuits as a stop gap arrangement or something which they would like to use for a few days when they are out there in the pool. If this is the mindset, it is possible that you could end up making the wrong choices. Hence, if you are truly concerned about your looks while in the pool and outside it, you must try and refrain from being penny wise pound foolish. You must be ready to spend the required money because good quality one piece swimsuits can last for years provided you are able to also keep you body in the same size and condition.   

Color: Dark Patterned Suits Could Be A Better Option

If you are choosing the best or pretty one piece swimsuit, you perhaps would do better to look for dark patterned suits. They help in camouflaging the bumps and lumps in different parts of the body and also help in disguising the love handles which many women develop. This is not the case with light colored swimsuits.    

Always Look For A Size Larger

Given the fact that many women tend to put on weight over a period of time, it would always be better to choose one piece swimsuits which are at least a size bigger than what the manufacturers might recommend to you. After washing there are a few swimsuits which could undergo some shrinkage.    

Look For Swimsuits With Underwire    

You must always look for one piece swimsuits with extra support. This will also make you look fuller and also help you with the additional support which you might require.     


Finally it would not be a bad idea to go in for patterns and colors that are bold. You should not mind buying one piece swimsuits which could make a bold statement. This will make you look sexy, classic, timeless and sophisticated.


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About Miravoss Swimwear

Nothing is as freeing as being on the beach, lacing your feet with the sand, having the water lap your legs and becoming one with nature.

I am Mira and I enjoy being at the center of nature's most pleasurable place - the beach! If I could live on the beach and immerse myself in its incredibly freeing and powerful aura every day, I would!

You know there's something very exhilarating about being in a luxurious, joy-giving bikini and just showing off your awesome body, as you let that beach breeze glide and shape your walk/play, with the beach and trees as your audience. This is exactly how I feel about beaches and bikinis!


My desire is to live a life of sandy beaches. Native-born to Barefoot Beach Preserve, FL, I am absolutely, head-over-heels in love with how the beach makes me feel - empowered yet open and guided by mother nature. To honor and embrace how the beach has shaped our hearts, imagination and empowered lives, I nursed this flaming passion for bikinis for a very long time, knowing that one day I would make this dream of crafting and creating bikinis my profession, my reality.


I didn't just want to make bikinis for the sake of it, I wanted to create statement bikinis - bikinis that showcase women as goddesses who are empowered and have been endued with liberty from mother nature. For me, wearing bikinis should be about exuding an aura of girl power and freedom - so I set out to create lines of bikini that are fresh, wearable and inspired by beach fashion from around the world.


With the goal of creating your go-to online destination for premium bikinis, I created Miravoss.

Miravoss was created by our desire to live a life of sandy beaches, bikinis and the urge to let our inner bohemian goddesses run free.


What is our mission you ask:

Our mission is to let the goddesses in women run free using the beach as their playground.

And our vision?

To offer premium bikinis designs at affordable prices.


Essentials Beach Bag Items

Hey ladies! Whether you’re headed out on a day trip to the beach this summer or living the dream spending your summer working oceanside, a properly stocked beach bag is key to maximizing your time in the sun and sand. Below are my 10 functional and affordable beach bag must-haves…


  1. The Bag.
    Every beach trip needs a generously sized carryall, which is why finding an extra cute one is essential. This super durable Hayden Reis beach bag is made of sailcloth, plus it’s lightweight and water resistant, making it the perfect beach companion.


  1. Beach hat.

Keeping a hat in your bag is a cardinal rule when it comes to the subject of sun protection. It can protect your scalp and cut down on the rays that are hitting on your face and neck.


  1. Sunglasses
When it comes to pretty much any outdoor trip, sunglasses are an obvious requirement. I like to pack an inexpensive pair (something under $30) so that my more expensive everyday sunnies don’t get scratched or lost in the ocean.


  1. Water resistant phone pouch.
    Between the water, sand and sun, the beach is filled with things that can damage your phone. This water resistant pouch is a lifesaver. It will keep your phone crazy protected, has a headphone or speaker connector so your cords don’t have to stick out the top, and is touch-sensitive so you don’t have to remove your phone to control it.


  1. Phone battery extender.
    The beach is not nearly as fun if you can’t blast your tunes from your phone or—let’s be honest—post fun summer photos to Instagram. This inexpensive battery extender acts as an outlet and will provide some boost your phone’s battery life when you find yourself far from your charger.


  1. Reading material.
    Improve your tan and your mind… With so many distractions, short articles are much easier to conquer at the beach, which is why magazines are a beach favorite. This summer, try picking up something a little more inspirational like Miracles Now. It’s filled with little tips and short advice articles that will leave you glowing on the inside and out.


  1. Beach spiker.
    My favorite beach accessory right now is this wildly adorable (an monogrammed!) beach spiker. This simple yet totally brilliant invention will keep your beach beverages sand-free.

      8. Sunscreen

We’ve all been taught the importance of sunscreen from a young age, which is why protection from harsh rays is a must. According to Health.com, 80% of skin cancer is found on the nose, so don’t forget to apply to this sensitive sunburn spot when lathering up. Use a sunscreen stick to spot-apply.


  1. Sunscreen lip balm.
    Your lips need sunscreen too! This all-in-one lip balm will keep your lips hydrated and protected.


  1. Leave-in-conditioner.
    Growing up, my mom would always twirl in some leave-in-conditioner before leaving the beach to rehydrate her hair. This simple beauty addition will keep your hair moist and soft rather than dry and sun-damaged


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